Rocket Airsoft 32:1 High Torque Steel Gears
Rocket Airsoft 32:1 High Torque Steel Gears

Price: $18.00

Date Added: 09/02/2019 by nick m.
These appear to be okay gears, as represented by the price point and I am sure they would work fine, but I cant use them at the moment. The reason I can't use them is the fact that these require a HALF-RACK piston, and cant use a normal piston with a full width rack. I am extremely annoyed that this point wasn't mentioned in the product description and I wish that I had looked a little more closely at the picture before purchasing. I suppose that is on me, annoying or not.

The other thing is these are cast gears that may have been cleaned up by a rough CNC rig, but they are definitely not fully machined. I beveled some of the teeth for clearance and hit them with a wire wheel which revealed poc-marks from casting that would not be there in a machined piece.

Not sure I would buy these again.
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