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Laylax KRYTAC M4 Series Sealing Nozzle & Aero Cylinder Head
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Details: This is a Krytac Cylinder Head and Air Nozzle combo by Laylax.

The Air Nozzle is made of POM: an engineering thermoplastic that is used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction and dimensional stability. The POM material also gives this Air Nozzle high abrasion and heat resistance, as well as a low coefficient of friction.

Laylax also designed the nozzle tip with an auxiliary air inlet to optimize air flow and retraction of the piston.

The Prometheus Cylinder Head is manufactured to typical LayLax standards: high durability and 100% Krytac spec. The inside of this Cylinder Head has a tapered cone shape which optimizes airflow.

Because the Piston assembly is constantly slamming against the Cylinder Head during a gearbox cycle, the Cylinder Head endures a lot of stress. Plastic Cylinder Heads tend to crack and fail over time as a result of these stressors. Unlike stock plastic Cylinder Heads, this unit is built from high-grade aluminum and can withstand the strongest of springs.

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