Guarder SP110 Spring
Guarder SP110 Spring

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Date Added: 11/10/2017 by HÃ¥kon H.
I can highly recommend Guarder springs, all the springs I've used from Guarder has given muzzle velocities very close to what they're rated at. These springs are rated for .25g BB's, so a general rule of thumb is to add 10 to get the approximate "M" rating.

This spring is equivalent to an M120 spring and it's given very close to 120m/s with .20's in the guns I've installed them in. One build had a 6.03x455mm barrel and a relatively heavy piston assembly with bearings and clocked in at 122m/s. Other AEG's with slightly less optimal compression has clocked in at slightly below 120m/s.

I haven't tested these springs for more than a half season but I expect them to last longer than the SHS/DA springs I used before as these springs definitely seem to be much higher quality. They cost more than SHS springs, but they're worth the higher price IMO.
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