SHS 15-tooth High Speed Metal Rack Piston

SHS 15-tooth High Speed Metal Rack Piston


Date Added: 02/09/2019 by Annette G.
This batch of SHS pistons is slightly off, but no big deal since modifying it is easy. The pick up t...

Date Added: 06/23/2017 by Rayming L.
It works great in my AUG. I'm running an M120 with a ZCI Balanced on a 7.4v, and she's holding up so...

Date Added: 03/02/2017 by Owen R.
This piston is strong. I use it in any build that is high stress. It is lightweight, fast, and super...

Date Added: 02/21/2016 by sean sharkey
a great piston for any build i use as stock in all my builds and for the price hard to beat in my...

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