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Scatterplot 1/8" 70 Duro V6 Laser Cut Sorbo Pad
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Details: This is a Laser cut Sorbothane pad from Scatterplot.

These buffers are precisely laser cut which ensures maximum concentricity and performance.

Installing a Sorbothane pad in your gun can substantially increase its reliability. This is partly because the sorbothane pad acts as a shock absorber and mitigates impact stress on the front face of the Gearbox shell.

In addition to reducing shock, the Sorbothane pad can also be used to correct Angle of Engagement (AoE). Correcting the AoE drastically improves the reliability of your piston assembly. For people running mid to high speed guns, correcting the AoE is necessary for optimal gearbox operation.

Also, Sorbothane cushions the Cylinder Head from the Piston Head slamming against it. This dampens the sound of the Gearbox cycling, and can help make your gun quieter.

For best longevity, installing a Neoprene buffer on top of the Sorbothane pad is recommended. This protects the Sorbothane from getting cut up by the Piston Head. Cyanoacrylate glue (more commonly referred to as Super Glue) is the recommended adhesive for installation.

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