Retro ARMS T6 CNC QSC V2 Gearbox Shell 8mm
Retro ARMS T6 CNC QSC V2 Gearbox Shell 8mm
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Details: This is the newest Retro ARMS CNC V2 shell. According to Retro, these shells were designed to be fully compatible with TM parts.

Manufacturer notes:

Old data was deleted and everything was changed. Compatibility is now our main goal, so this new gearbox is compatible with basic parts and some known issues were fixed.

After one year of experience and testing, we have final version of our ANC gearbox – Airsoft Norms Compatible.


With great experience, we are still using aircraft dural EN AW 7075. Whole gearbox is milled from one piece of material. No casting, no half-milling. Only one solid piece of dural. Unfortunately after changing connection technology, the material used is now 20% larger. Quality and functionality is much more important than low cost CNC gearboxes.


First big and noticeable change is rounded upper part. Now you can fit this new generation gearbox to every M4 body without any modification.

The inside of gearbox was reworked too. Place for trigger switch or trigger units is now compatible with common parts. With that came also change of cut-off lever unit.

We did a lot of edge cutting on the whole gearbox, so it will now fit much easier in receivers.

After some experience with pin-connecting on both halves, we decided to remove them. We did on one half protrusions and the other half have grooves. So, no more jamming, rusting or falling out.

Both halves are now connected perfectly and easily removable.

Front part where the Hop-Up chamber is was reworked. You can now use for example Prowin chambers (we do not recommend them). We recommend our Retro Arms Hop-Up chambers which were made for this gearbox.

Upper part of gearbox has now ratchet for cocking lever.

Spring holders are now milled (they were screwed before).

Bushing holes have now 7,98 mm diameter. After some experience, this is the best diameter for holding 8 mm bushings and not deforming them. Bushing housing edge was cut for better installation under 90° angle.

We removed trigger position pin, this part is now milled.

All these changes + different dimensions of new gearbox leads to better compatibility with common parts of different manufactures and easy installation of them.

Comes with a non-bearing Retro QSC Spring guide.

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