SHS 15-tooth High Speed Metal Rack Piston
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Details: This pre-lightened SHS Piston is a good choice for anyone running a high speed SSG or DSG.

Gearbox mistiming (pre-engagement) can crash the piston and/or gear train. A lightened piston accelerates faster, which can eliminate or reduce pre-engagement depending on the setup used. Also, since the piston is lighter, pickup stress is reduced as well.

As a result of these benefits, "swiss-cheesing" or lightening has been a very common modification for many years.

All of the holes on these pistons were precisely drilled with a drill press. This process ensures accuracy, cleanliness, and structural integrity. All of the modification for the piston body has been done for the end user.

*Additionally, SHS has shortened the rear tooth to the point where it's almost gone. This can correct AoE on some gearboxes, but others may require a little bit more material to be removed.

SHS High Speed Piston weight: 12.92
*SHS 14.5T Piston weight: 15.62

These Pistons are famous for their durability and affordability. SHS Pistons are very high performers and can shrug off the stress that would normally strip a stock piston. SHS has recently stepped their game up a notch by thermally treating their Piston racks and coating them with black oxide.

These Pistons are made of Glass-fiber Nylon, which has superior wear resistance and can endure much more prolonged stress than Polycarbonate Pistons.

I recommend Full Metal Rack Pistons for anyone using a high ROF or high FPS build. Even if your gearbox is left stock, a Full Metal Rack Piston will retain its shape and won't wear down nearly as fast nor as often as most plastic pistons.

Here is a video demonstrating the incredible amount of stress that the SHS Blue Piston can handle. This video was created by Maekiii, a prominent technician.

To correct the Angle Of Engagement, you will need to file/dremel down the last tooth and maybe the second to last depending on your Sector Gear. This fixes AoE in the vast majority of Gearboxes. In very rare cases, further modification may be needed for better engagement.

Epoxying/Super Gluing the rack is recommended for maximum durability.

*SHS sometimes changes these pistons from time to time, so you may get a 14.5T or 15T version. The product title will be changed to reflect the current batch.

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