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SHS 12.65:1 High Speed Steel Gears
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Details: This Gear Set has a true ratio of 12.65:1 and a nominal (advertised) ratio of 12:1. This is a high speed Gearset that will grant great trigger response and speed. Paired with the right parts, this Gearset will give you a fearsome rate of fire.

SHS has made some very significant revisions to their previous Gear designs. These new Gears are more reliable and much better machined than the previous generation.

Firstly, the Sector and Step gears are now fully CNC machined. CNC tooling marks make this very apparent. In addition to this, all of the Gears are thoroughly steam treated with black oxide. This gives all of the gears improved wear and corrosion resistance.

All of the shafts on these new gears are totally filled and reinforced. This strengthens the Gears and reduces the chance of the gears separating.

The Bevel Gear is still MIM machined, but it is still enhanced due to the black oxide coating and filled shaft. Also, SHS has reformed their previous bevel design due to the change in Anti-Reversal latch catches.

Also, SHS uses standard 10-tooth bevel gears. This means that replacements are easy to find and any random 10-tooth bevel gear should be compatible with this Gear Set.

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