Lonex Full Steel Half Rack Piston
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Details: This is a durable Full Steel Half Rack Piston from Lonex. The teeth are shorter than standard piston racks, and come standard with Lonex Completed upgrade Gearboxes. Note: these may require modification to be compatible with Torque gears despite the half rack design.

This Piston (like the standard Lonex Red) has many favorable design choices that most Airsmiths look for.

For one, a tooth is omitted a tooth for AoE considerations. There is 7.3mm of clearance between the pickup tooth and first tooth, giving adequate space for the sector gear. A thick 2.1mm strip of Nylon rests behind the pickup tooth.

Additionally, the rack sits tightly in the piston. It takes a lot of force to remove the rack, so securing the rack with super glue or epoxy is probably not necessary. Both sides of the Steel rack are also reinforced by thick strips of Nylon.

Overall, this piston is super solid and a great performer. This piston is 21.18g, which is 1.98g heavier than the standard Lonex Red and makes it the heaviest piston on Brill Armory. Be mindful of the piston mass when used in a high-speed build.

Material: Glass fiber filled Nylon
Weight: 21.18g
Width: 22mm
Length: 28.06mm

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