Lonex Complete MP5 Drop-In SP100 Gearbox (16:1, Ported Cylinder)
  • Model: GBA-08
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  • Manufactured by: Lonex

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Details: This Lonex Gearbox comes complete with all Lonex parts and is designed for a rear-wired setup. Since everything in this Gearbox is Lonex, all of the parts fit optimally and are designed to work together.

Upon inspecting these Gearboxes, I was surprised to find that the AoE was nearly perfect and so was the compression. Instead of using a Sorbothane buffer, the Piston uses a spacer to correct AoE.

Comes with the following parts:

- Lonex V2 8mm Gearbox Shell w/ 8mm bearings
- Lonex Red Half-Tooth Piston w/ Spacer for AoE
- Lonex Aluminum Piston Head
- Lonex 17.28:1 High Speed Ratio Steel Gears
- Lonex Enhanced V2 Spring Guide
- Lonex SP100 spring
- Lonex Shims
- Lonex Lonex POM MP5A4/A5 Air Nozzle
- Lonex Lonex V2 Enhanced Tappet Plate
- Lonex V2 Cylinder Head
- Lonex Ported MP5 Cylinder
- Lonex Gearbox Springs
- Lonex Anti-Heat Selector Plate
- Lonex V2 Trigger Contacts
- Lonex ARL
- Lonex Trigger
- Lonex Zinc Chromed Cut-Off lever

This Gearbox is great out of the box and can be even further upgraded with a MOSFET and deans connectors.

This Gearbox has a ported Cylinder, so this Gearbox is volume matched for ~363mm barrels and shorter.

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