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2.4mm Slotted Screwdriver (fits Chimera)

This is a 2.4mm x 96mm slotted screwdriver. It fits snugly in Chimera screw terminals to ease installation and to prevent your screws from stripping!


Eagle6 Airsoft - Lipo Mod Cover Block For M4/HK416/417 TM NGRS

When you remove the proprietary stock contacts on M4 next gen, the stock bars are able to slide out. This small cover block can be screwed down over the bars, thus holding them...


Elite Force AK47 Magazine Adapter for SL14 Speed Loader

Now you can use the SL14 with AK47 magazines! This adapter is confirmed to work with Ares, G&G and Echo 1 AK47 magazines. Fitment and function with other brands or types of...


Elite Force SL14 Speed Loader

This Speed Loader has a clever and unique design that drastically reduces the time for loading M4 Midcaps. Up to 1800 BB's can be filled into the reservoir. The SL14 can load...


Laylax Pin Opener for Large Connector

Tool for servicing large Tamiya-style connectors.


LayLax Wrench for TM NGRS M4

Convenient compact design. This wrench can be used for both the outer barrel fixed ring and stock fixed ring for easy loosening and tightening.


Maekiii Motor Alignment Checker Tool for V2 Gearboxes

This is a nifty 3D-printed motor alignment tool created by Maekiii. Proper motor grip engagement is crucial in AEG's that use V2 Gearboxes, and unfortunately, some aftermarket...


PTS Mega Arms MKM Handguard Removal Tool

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only. Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially...


Retro ARMS Bushing Installation Tool

This is a bushing installation tool. It is made of steel and is designed to allow easier hammering of bushings into a tight-fitting gearbox shell. Note: Use only gentle taps when...


Steel High Torque 0.05" (1.27mm) Hex Key for Pinion Gears

This High Torque L-shaped Hex key is the perfect size for Pinion Gears! It's rigid and made in the USA. If you are removing the Pinion screw which was held with adhesive, I...


ZCI Pinion Pull & Press Tool

This tool can remove and install O-type pinion gears! For recommended use, heat up the Pinion Gear with a heat gun prior to installing or removing Pinion gears. This will ensure a...

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